A Meat and Potatoes Father’s Day Celebration

This Sunday is Father’s Day. The one day of the year that we set aside to honor the men that are so important in our lives. The guys that serve as role models for our children and partners for us. They work so hard and I think one day a year is the least we can do to pamper them just a little bit! If you asked BeeBop what makes up his favorite meals, he’d always say “meat and potatoes.” Plus dessert. So, for his Father’s Day dinner, I’m pulling out all my very best meat and potatoes recipes. Plus dessert :-) I hope you’ll find a great idea in this roundup to serve your guy for Father’s Day.

Grilled Ribeye Steaks – Ribeyes are always the first choice for the grill around here. We love their gorgeous marbling and tender texture. We prefer them lightly seasoned and grilled to medium well. Steak Sandwich Steak Sandwich – Or how about a New York Strip piled high on ciabatta and topped with cooked onions and a tangy mayo-mustard sauce? BeeBop's Bacon Cheeseburger BeeBop’s Bacon Cheeseburger – If you’re looking for a great burger, how about this one? The bacon is cooked right on top of the burger and all its wonderful flavor melts right down into the beef while it’s cooking. Yum! Machaca Burritos Machaca Burritos – Or for something a little different, here’s a recipe for Machaca Burritos. They’re marinated skirt steak cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes, and chilies into an incredible meat sauce that is rolled into flour tortillas. Add a little sour cream and cilantro and…wow! BLT Smashed Potatoes BLT Smashed Potatoes – For the potatoes, an old favorite of ours are these BLT Smashed Potatoes. So very good with all that bacon and tomatoes mixed into the potatoes. Delicious! Champ Champ – One from the “old country.” Champ is just packed full of butter, cream, and green onions with even more butter added on top for dipping. Crispy Roasted Potatoes Crispy Roasted Potatoes – Then there are these crispy oven roasted potatoes. Interspersed with shallots and thyme. So, so good! Home Fries Home Fries – And last but not least, everybody’s favorite – Home Fries. They really go with everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Banana Bread Cobbler Banana Bread Cobbler – Now, on to the desserts. How about a banana bread cobbler! Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and dig in! Berry Glazed Chocolate Cake Berry Glazed Chocolate Cake – One of BeeBop’s favorites, a luscious chocolate cake with mixed glazed berries. Caramel Layer Cake Caramel Layer Cake – a real Southern classic, Caramel Layer Cake is one of BeeBop’s all-time favorites. Egg Custard Pie Egg Custard Pie – and one final idea. Another southern classic – Egg Custard Pie. So easy and so delicious! What I was up to…

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  1. Miss P says

    While all of the above look wonderful, I just made your Never Fail Pound Cake. Can’t wait until it cools enough to cut.
    Happy Father’s Day to my buddy BeeBop.

    Miss P

  2. says

    Whoa… what a roundup! I honestly think my crew could eat their way through every single dish and ALL at the same meal – with the oldest home I cannot believe how much more food I am going through – yikes!!! Maybe I need to send them to your house – no?

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