{A Month of Sundays} Watching and Waiting

Today I’m starting a new feature on Never Enough Thyme that I’m calling “A Month of Sundays.” My plan is to post a photograph each Sunday of something interesting, beautiful, funny, or just maybe something quirky that I’ve seen during the previous week. I’m hoping this will help me to improve my photography skills and keep my readers entertained in between recipes as well!

I took this photograph of a very majestic hawk from my office window yesterday. We live in a subdivision surrounded by lots of other homes, but there is abundant wildlife here. We’re right on Lake Lanier in north Georgia and when our subdivision was built, great care was taken to disturb as little of the natural surroundings as possible. So, even though it’s definitely a developed area, it feels very much like you’re out in the country here. Because of that we see lots of wildlife. Lots! There are the ever-present deer which are beautiful but make gardening a challenge, the stealthy foxes that even feel comfortable enough to prance up and down the street occasionally, and loads and loads of birds. Everything from cardinals and blue birds and sparrows to several different kinds of hawks.

I see these beautiful hawks mostly in the fall and winter. I love their brown-gold coloring. Their effortless, graceful flight is mesmerizing to watch. And the patience with which they sit, watching and waiting…well, I only wish I had that kind of patience.

I’ve seen almost no birds at all today. I’m wondering whether that has something to do with the impending snow and ice storm that’s on its way here and whether they’re already sheltered safe and sound from what they surely know is on the way.

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  1. says

    Love it Lana – such a beautiful bird and a beautiful photo!! And isn’t it fun to be ‘looking’ for things to photograph for this project? Congrats on your new journey!!

  2. says

    Sounds like an interesting project and certainly one your readers will enjoy. My subdivision is not unsimilar to yours. It’s 30 years old but built abutting a State Park so while the deer stay put for the most part, we have had foxes show up occasionally, a deer get loose and run through the ‘hood’ and some coyotes too. And…yes, occasionally it’s amazing to see a majestic bird fly overhead but I’ve never seen one in my yard like this!

    Looking forward to more!

    • says

      They’re really fascinating to watch, Barbara. They sit absolutely still for the longest time and then like a flash they’re gone! Just amazing.

    • says

      Thanks, Mama. I’m looking forward to doing this. Last year I tried the “365 Project” which was a photo a day, but I just couldn’t keep up with that. I think I can manage once a week, though.

  3. says

    beautiful bird and photo – we too have hawks, right smack in the heart of our downtown neighborhood and to see them soar by is just magnificent

    • says

      Thanks, Jennifer. Fingers crossed that this helps improve my photography. It at least gives me something else to practice on than just food all the time :-)

  4. says

    What a beautiful idea to add this series to your blog, Lana, and I look forward to following it every week. I can so relate to your first entry. I too live in a wild area, but on the seashore, and never lose interest in the doings of our resident fauna (hawks, osprey, raccoons, a lone alligator, crabs, manatees, an escaped monkey, coyotes, etc. etc.). There’s always something going on.

  5. Lynn says

    This is a small hawk; is it a Cooper’s? Red Shoulder? Red Tail? LOL, we have a LOT of hawks here on and around our place south of Charlotte. We have a wooded lot and a creek in the back. I LOVE to hear and watch these beautiful birds!! We hear owls, also, but haven’t spied one yet! Amost as much fun as cooking!!! Happy New Year; love your blog!!

  6. Lynn says

    I think it might be a Cooper’s. Smaller but with the lovely wings. Some ornithologist will tell us!! The red shoulder and red tail are bigger. I know a naturalist who should be able to tell us, so I’ll ask him. NONETHELESS, this is a GREAT photo!!!!!! Thanks!!

  7. Miss P says

    Miss P here. Love the photo. We have lots of wildlife, living out in the slap middle of nowhere. You may not know that Uncle J built a “johnny house” which is a coop for quail. All for the training of the French Brittany spaniels. But, I digress. Next, you go and purchase the quail, put them in the johnny house, and they have a nice place to live until you let them out to fly. They can come back in to roost in the evening. All so that when they are released, the dogs can try to locate and point. It’s all so very civilized.

    Last week, on one release, there was an immediate “swoop!!”, down came hawk, up went hawk with quail.

    Score – Hawk 1, Quail 0. And we’re out another $3.00 for the Hawk’s quail dinner. Good thing he didn’t want fries with that.

    Miss P

  8. Lynn Biasini says

    Our resident naturalist in Rock Hill, SC, JUST south of us here in Mint Hill, NC, Bill Hilton, says it’s a red shoulder. He’s a wonderful educator!! hiltonpond.org
    Check it out, it’s a wonderful site!!!

  9. Lynn Biasini says

    Bill Hilton in Rock Hill, SC, JUST south of us here in Mint Hill, NC, says it’s a red shoulder. I sent him the photo. He’s a wonderful educator!! hiltonpond.org
    Check it out, it’s a wonderful site!!!

  10. says

    What a beautiful picture! I love how the feathers on its head are slightly ruffled up.
    FYI, I just found your blog through Tasty Kitchen. Congratulations on being the featured member! I was browsing through your recipes, and I also loooooove shrimp.

    • says

      I’m so glad you found the blog, Jenna. I have lots of fun cooking and writing all these posts. Hope you’ll come back to visit again.

  11. says

    Congratulations on being a featured member on TK! I saw that you are a fellow Georgian and I had to come to your site and say “hello”. You have a beautiful blog and look forward to learning some great southern recipes from you. :)

    • says

      Hi Kay! Thanks for the congrats. I was so surprised to go there this morning and see my photo as the featured member! Hope you’ll visit here again soon. I plan to explore your blog, too.


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