Amazing Tomatoes Provencal

Try this easy recipe for Tomatoes Provencal! Fresh tomatoes are oven-roasted with garlic, herbs, breadcrumbs, and olive oil, creating a delicious side dish everyone will love!

- Tricia

Very simple and and delicious recipe. I have made it several times and it’s a great go to for a crowd. Great recipe to prep ahead and just pop in over to finish!!!

— Tomatoes — Salt — Ground black pepper — Day-old bread — Parsley — Garlic — Olive oil


Cut the tomatoes in half through the middle and place them cut side up in a baking dish.


Salt and pepper the cut side of each tomato half.


In a food processor, add the bread, parsley, and garlic. Process until you have coarse bread crumbs.


Divide the bread crumb mixture evenly over the tomatoes.


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