Crescent Roll Breakfast Stacks

Crescent Roll Breakfast Stacks – a one-dish breakfast built atop refrigerated crescent rolls make a perfect breakfast or dinner for any day of the week.


I am a breakfast girl, so this recipe ROCKS to me! I have to go home for a last-minute family trip, I need to share this lovely recipe with my Mom!!

– Crescent rolls – Hash browns – Green onions – Bacon – Cheddar cheese – Eggs


Heavily butter four 6-inch mini-skillets and place them on a baking sheet.


If you’re using crescent dinner rolls, separate the dough into four rectangles, pressing the seams together so that they are sealed.


Fit the crescent dough rectangles into the skillets, oven-proof bowls, or onto a sheet pan.


Bake the dough for 5 minutes until it is just set to the touch.


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