Delicious Lacy Cornbread

Southern Fried Lacy Cornbread is thin and oh so crispy! It's made with only four ingredients and is perfect with vegetables, soups, and stews.

- Sharon Renaud

Love this cornbread and appreciate the recipe! I just had some decent cornmeal mailed to me because I couldn’t find it in Atlanta. Thanks!

— Ground white cornmeal — Hot water — Salt — Peanut oil


Stir the salt into the cornmeal in a medium bowl. Add the hot water and blend using a wooden spoon or wire whisk.


Heat a flat griddle or skillet for several minutes over medium heat.


When the pan is hot, drizzle with one or two tablespoons of peanut oil tilting the griddle so that the entire surface is coated.


Ladle the batter by tablespoons onto the hot pan. Do not crowd the pan. When the edges begin to brown, turn with a metal spatula and cook the second side.


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