Pinto Bean Cakes

Start with budget-friendly dried pinto beans and add a little southwestern flair to create these delicious Pinto Bean Cakes!


These were absolutely delicious!! I had leftover beans so I just used those. I also added a diced jalapeño, didn’t have any cilantro and only had lemon instead of lime.

– Dried pinto beans – Onion – Black pepper – Red bell pepper – Yellow bell pepper – Cilantro – Lime juice


Set aside the ham seasoning packet included with the beans for use later. Rinse the dry beans under cool water to remove any debris.


After one hour, add the onion and black pepper to the beans in the pot, return to the stove, and continue cooking in the same water for an additional hour.


Add additional water during the cooking time only if needed. Cook until beans are tender.


Place the cooled, drained beans in a large mixing bowl. Mash the beans thoroughly using a potato masher, fork, or in a blender or food processor.


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