Spicy Cheese Crackers

These delicious Spicy Cheese Crackers are seasoned with spices and butter and baked briefly to a crispy finish.


I have made tons of these crackers. I sprinkle a little extra cayenne pepper across the top of the crackers before I bake them. My family loves them. Thanks for a great simple recipe.

– Celery seed – Garlic powder – Cayenne pepper – Melted butter – Cheese crackers


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.


In a gallon size zip top bag, combine the celery seed, garlic powder, cayenne, and butter.


Close the bag and use your hands to thoroughly mix the butter and spices.


Add the crackers and toss gently until thoroughly coated. Take some time to make sure the butter and seasoning are evenly distributed throughout the crackers.


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