The Best Fried Catfish with Cheese Grits

You’ll find Fried Catfish and Cheese Grits at the center of any southern fish fry. It's one of the foundations of southern comfort food!

- Kim S

I tried it and it was so darn good!

— Catfish fillets — Milk — Ground white cornmeal — Salt — Peanut oil


Rinse the catfish fillets under cold water and place them in a shallow baking dish or pan. Add enough milk to cover the fillets.


Cover the dish and refrigerate for approximately one hour.


Place a large cast iron frying pan over high heat and pour in the oil to a depth of approximately 1 1/4 inches.


Place one fillet at a time into the cornmeal, gently turning the fillet several.


Carefully lower the catfish fillets, one at a time, into the hot oil.


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