The Best Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

Make these Easy Refrigerator Pickled Peppers as a sweet, tart, and spicy accompaniment for any meal! They’re especially delicious with fresh summer vegetables.

- Frank Swift

Works great with burgers and in salads or anywhere that a zippy upgrade could be better.

— Mini sweet peppers — Shallots — White wine vinegar — Water — Sugar — Kosher salt — Red pepper flakes


Slice the mini sweet peppers and shallots into rings. Separate the shallot slices into rings.


Combine the pepper and shallot slices and divide them evenly between two clean pint jars.


Add the remaining ingredients to a medium saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. Cook until all the sugar is dissolved.


Pour the hot mixture evenly over the peppers and shallots. This step is a lot more easily accomplished with a canning funnel.


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