Ham and Cheese Strata

This ham and cheese strata contains layers of ham, cheese and mushrooms with bread, eggs and milk for a fabulous weekend or special occasion breakfast.

- Suzanne

"Exactly what I have been looking for! Something new, different, and delicious for breakfast! Or lunch! Or dinner! Wow, love this!"

— Sandwich bread — Cheddar cheese — Ham — Mushrooms — Parsley — Milk — Eggs — Salt


Trim the crusts from five slices of bread, reserving crusts. Cut in half diagonally.


Generously butter a 9-inch square baking dish.


Tear the remaining three slices of bread into pieces and place them in the baking dish along with the reserved crusts.


Over the bread, layer the cheese, ham, mushrooms, and parsley.


Arrange the bread triangles in two rows over the layers.


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