Traditional Southern Egg Custard Pie

Egg Custard Pie is one of those traditional southern heritage recipes that I love so much. It's made with simple pantry ingredients, but it's worth breaking out the fine china to serve.

- Ashley

This pie was DELICIOUS and my whole family agrees. I had to cook another 20 min for the middle to set, but my oven is older. Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely make this again!

— Pie crust — Egg white — Eggs plus one egg yolk — Sugar — Salt — Vanilla extract — Whole milk — Ground nutmeg


Start by preparing the pie crust.


Prick the crust all over with the tines of a fork.


Very lightly beat an egg white and brush it all over the unbaked crust.


In a medium bowl, add the beaten eggs and egg yolk, the sugar, salt, and vanilla.


Put the prepared crust on a baking sheet.


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