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Lana Stuart, Never Enough Thyme

Hello and welcome! I’m Lana Stuart, the author, photographer, and cook here at Never Enough Thyme.

I grew up in the late 1950’s and 1960’s in a small, rural Georgia town among a large family of excellent southern cooks. I have so many treasured childhood memories of huge family meals shared on fine china in my mother’s dining room. Memories of family members each of whom had a southern specialty to share in the kitchen. My hometown and my family are at the root of my love of southern food.

Many of my recipes reflect the culture and time in which I grew up and, occasionally, I share glimpses of the simpler, more genteel life we led during my childhood. Although traditional and updated southern cooking form the basis of my experience, I don’t limit Never Enough Thyme to only that style of cooking. For instance, one of the most popular posts on Never Enough Thyme is my recipe for Cilantro Lime Shrimp. Definitely not traditional southern, but delicious!

I’m now in my fifth year of posting here on the blog. That’s enough time to allow me to reflect back to the beginning of this blog and to consider what I’ve learned and what I think is important. For me, it’s essential to be authentic. I try to always remember that much of  southern cooking is humble food. For some of us it is a reminder of where and from whom we came. The simple, satisfying food that our farming ancestors provided for their families. Humble food graciously prepared and gratefully received by hard-working, families. I know very well from where I come. I come from some of those humble, hard working, farming folks who appreciated what their mamas put on the table for them. And I thank every one of them, the ones who came before, the ones who I knew and miss, and the ones who are still here with us, for their part in making me who I am today.

I truly appreciate each and every person who stops by here and am so tickled when one of my recipes works out well for a visitor!

Drop me a line any time at Lana@lanascooking.com.

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