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Braggin’ on BeeBop

I just have to take one blog post to brag on BeeBop. He’s really a great guy for so many, many reasons. One of which is the way he’s always thinking about me and what he can do to make my life easier.


My kitchen bookcases

This is where I cook. It’s not huge nor the most upscale kitchen, but it’s comfortable and easy to work in.


Just adjacent to my kitchen is our breakfast area. I have a few cookbooks in there. Just a few. And it’s not an obsession, it’s a collection. Thank you.


There are actually more in my office because at some point this old hutch got so filled with cookbooks that I couldn’t stuff another one in there.


Then BeeBop noticed all the unused space under the kitchen counter overhang and came up with the absolutely brilliant idea that he could build bookcases to fit that space and those bookcases would hold all my cookbooks!


Being the meticulous craftsman that he is, it took a few weekends of designing, measuring, cutting, hammering and painting, but look at what I have now! Perfect storage for all my wonderful cookbooks!


Look at that beautifully detailed work, too. BeeBop made the bookcases match the fireplace on the other end of the family room space.

Thank you, BeeBop! I love ya good-er’n anything.

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  1. I love your site! The Chicken and Dumplings, Cheese Grits and Pound Cake posts really warmed my heart. But this one takes the cake! Please share your “How to Preserve a Husband Recipe”. You’ve obviously got that one down pat!

  2. Homey and comfy. Just beautiful.
    I love your colors and wood floors. That guy of yours sure does great work too!
    My house is always a work in progress.
    Yours looks just perfect

  3. I’m jealous! One day I’ll have a built in bookcase in every room and at least one room with a solid wall of shelves!

  4. What a great idea! I only have a few cookbooks, but since I’ve started my blog, and reading other blogs, the collection seems to be exponentially expanding… :) any particular ones you recommend?

  5. Yep, we knew he was a keeper from that first Sunday lunch at Mama and Daddy’s long years ago. Love you Bee Bop!

    Miss P

  6. If you two aren’t the perfect match, I don’t know who is! Would he build me some bookcases in Michigan for a free week on Mackinac Island? We’d even be your “live-in” tour guides. You wouldn’t even have to COOK! I REALLY need some bookcases up there if I’m offering to cook for you!