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Sharing Spring

Spring blooms are just about at their peak right now in our area. Beautiful azaleas are everywhere you look, along with dogwood, spirea, irises and more. It’s also time to plant veggie gardens since the last average frost date has passed. Here’s a glimpse at my yard from yesterday.



A close-up of that beautiful pinkish-salmon colored azalea from above.

A bed of purple bearded irises.

A gorgeous spirea in full bloom and an old-fashioned formosa azalea just beginning its bloom. That spirea is about 8 feet tall!

Our front flower bed right now. Those irises haven’t bloomed in years and right now they’re just full of blossoms! And, yes, I do need to weed that bed!

The veggie garden boxes. I’ve planted marigolds all around the edges this year. I read somewhere that the scent repels deer. Let’s hope!

Last week I went to south Georgia for a couple of days. Here’s what it looked like around my Mama’s house.

A beautiful pale pink azalea. I think Mama said that one is called George Tabor.

Beautiful purple azaleas with late afternoon shadows and sunlight.

See that huge bush, or rather tree, in the center of the photo? That’s a camellia! Can you believe the size of it? It has a beautiful red bloom each year starting before Christmas and lasting until almost Spring. It’s out of bloom right now, but I wanted to show you how large it is. The main part of my parents’ house was built in the 1800’s and we think that camellia may be as old as the house.

In the photo above I’ve walked up under that camellia to take a photo of its trunk and branches. It’s so large that you could climb up into it. I’m not crouching down or anything. Just standing right inside the outer branches. Pretty incredible, huh?

The edges of Mama’s backyard are lined all around with these gorgeous azaleas.

And, finally, one more from my own backyard.

I don’t really know what this plant is. I think it may be a hydrangea of some variety. I just call it my white “puff ball.” (Note: I just learned, courtesy of Southern Living Magazine, that this is a Chinese Snowball viburnum.)

What’s blooming in your neck of the woods? Or has the Spring bloom started where you are? What blossoms do you look forward to seeing year after year?

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  1. Gorgeous! I wish I could grow flowers like that. I’m lucky if half the things I plant end up living. Hah.

  2. Too funny, I posted flowers from my yard today and I have the snowball plant. Great post
    Great minds think a like!!!
    I love azaleas and have a couple in my front yard. They may be very well one of my favorite plants. I love the azaleas in Oregon and Washington!

  3. I have tons of purple iris and white iris that need to be separated. You are welcome to any, if you want to spend a few minutes digging.

    Miss P

    1. I might like to have some of the white ones but I’d have to figure out just where to put them. You can dig and divide those any time after they bloom, right??

      1. Sorry for the delay on the reply. Actually, most of the iris in my yard were rescued from the sides of country roads or at the old farm house of a friend. Those were in full bloom when they were liberated – had to be, or we would never have seen them in the first place. So, I think they can be transplanted at any time. The trick is to plant them shallow. Or, at least, that’s what I have been told, and it really sounded good to me, since our soil is like concrete.

        Miss P

  4. Wow, how refreshing and the blossoms are amazing! I can almost smell them in the breeze now. And the hydrangea! One of my very favorites. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Lovely photo!!! I love flowers in the spring. They’re so bright and colorful. Love it. Thanks for sharing them, Lana!!

  6. Your yard is just beautiful, Lana, and I love the veggie boxes. We have so many of those huge, decades-old azalea bushes here around the lake. They are always so awesome in full bloom – seemingly without any space at all between the blossoms. The South is glorious in the spring!

    1. Aren’t we blessed to live in such beautiful surroundings? I do love those old azaleas, too. They don’t ask anything from you, just doing their thing year after year. I throw a little 10-10-10 fertilizer around them early each Spring and that’s about it. Lots of beauty for almost no effort!

    1. Thanks, Vi! We like them, too. You couldn’t see much of Mama’s house in the photos. They were taken in the backyard. I believe it’s the oldest house in our little hometown. The front is very traditional, sort of plantation-esque :-)

  7. Gorgeous! Here in Central FL our azaleas are spent but I’m waiting on the hydrangea and crepe myrtles.

    1. I do love both hydrangeas and crepe myrtle. All the old-fashioned garden plants are the best in my opinion…tea olive, gardenia, sweetheart roses…