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It’s Not All About the Cooking – Part 2

p4110081I know. I’ve been remiss in posting anything from the kitchen for a few days.

p4130173I can’t help it. The grandkids are here!!

p4110085A has spring break this week so he and Mag both came to stay.


So far it’s been fun, fun, fun. There’s been a lot of swinging.


A lot of sliding. A lot of hilarity. And a lot of general tomfoolery.

p4120148A little work mixed in was even fun, too. When you have visitors like these and they’re with you for only a short while….


…well, the cooking can wait. We’ll get back in the kitchen next week!


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  1. OMG! Lana, how did they get so big so fast? That A is so cute, and he definitely doesn’t look like a baby anymore. And Mag is just too adorable for words. Too bad their grandparents don’t like them more!!!!! What fun – enjoy every second!