1. The pictures are beautiful!! The recipes are great, but I don't know if I don't like scenery and a story line better. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could have been there. Mag and A have grown up so much. Both are beautiful.
    • We wished you could have been with us, too, Neena! You would have loved it. You and I could have explored some of the antique shops in McCaysville.
  2. Georgia is so beautiful...More, More! I love reading about other people's lives and travels. Pics were great and grandkids are gorgeous. They look like they just adore their grandparents. A-Man's pics were great too. So glad you had such a good time. I bet you all had a terrific week!
    • Teri, we did have a great week but now we need another week to recover from the first week. Oh, well, it was definitely worth it! And thanks for the input - I'm thinking about adding an occasional post about some of the places we go exploring.
  3. This was great even if it wasn't strictly food related. That fudge looked pretty good though. Looked like a great day.
  4. I think it's wonderful that you are sharing our beautiful part of the country with others. You could include some of our other treasures, such as the Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle GA and the various prize-winning wineries in GA, NC and TN. Keep it up! And if you are interested in another awesome train ride, there's one that goes from Bryson City to the Nantahala Gorge in NC. It's the same open-car concept, so you'll be able to take photos. In fact, it uses the Murphy spur that you mention in this blog. Check out their website for special events at
    • Tracey, Thanks for sharing that link. It looks like a wonderful trip and one we will have to consider for a visit sometime soon!
  5. That looks like so much fun! Uncle John and I have talked about taking that trip many times, but we just haven't gotten around to it yet. It looks like a combination of adventure and leisure, all rolled into one nice day. Thanks for sharing. Miss P
    • Y'all would love it! The train leaves at 11:00 each morning, arrives in McCaysville at noon and departs at 2:00. You have plenty of time to walk around and explore the shops there before another relaxing ride back to Blue Ridge. We had a great time!
    • Lucky you, having a farm in North Carolina! Isn't that whole area just gorgeous? No matter the time of year there's something beautiful everywhere you look.
  6. Wat to go, A-man... quite the photographer. If J-man would see Mag, he'd want to go steady! He apparently has a thing for older, blonde women *grin*
  7. The post is really interesting Lana and the pics beautiful. What a great experience. Love how you can have one foot in Georgia and the other in Tennessee. Thanks for sharing your day out with us.
  8. Our town is extremely lucky to have the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway & all the wonderful people who come to ride! It has breathed new life into a formerly sleepy town.... Thanks so much =-)
  9. The blue ridge is such a beautiful area. Love visitng. Have seen signs for Railway but have never ridden. Now will have to add that to our next Blue Ridge Trip. Thanks for sharing.
  10. THANKS, so much, for deviating slightly from your usual food & recipe posts. Your photos are beautiful and descriptions enticing -- and, the mention/photo of the homemade FUDGE qualifies this as a "food" blog! The only time I remember being in GA was a confusing stop-over at the Atlanta airport many years' ago, so that doesn't really qualify! Thanks, again, for sharing your beautiful state and family with the rest of us.
  11. I just wanted to say hello to another fellow Georgian. I'm in north GA and I noticed an advertisement in our local paper telling about the train. I must make plans to go soon. I love your blog!
  12. We went on a trip like that one year when I was younger. The Great Smoky Mountains Train Ride. I loved it. I love anything that has to do with history. No matter what kind of history, if someone in the 1800's or Early 1900's saw it in their everyday life I want to see it. Like old old plantation houses. I love them! I always try to imagine what it was like for someone back then to be where I'm standing now. The house we live in was built in the early 1900's and it's amazing to think that over 100 years ago that someone looked out my same windows and saw the same thing I'm seeing (the barns, fields and such)
    • Me too, Angie! I love anything old or historic. My parents' house was built in the early 1800's and has been owned by only three families during its history. Sometimes you can almost feel the presence of those former residents.
  13. Thanks for the post. We hopped on the train today and really enjoyed our afternoon ( and ate our way through it too!). We decided to ride inside sine it was in the 30's today. Hot cider on the train did the trick to combat the chill. The El Rio recommendation was spot on- very tasty. We got fudge at Three Sisters back in Blue Ridge- yum!
  14. We are headed to do this trip tomorrow. Thanks so much for posting the great pictures and descriptions. I was a little worried about what to do with our two hours at the midway point. We already have reservations at the Mexican place your recommended. It also gets the best reviews online. My two boys are very excited for the trip. Thanks so much for sharing!


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