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Springtime in the South

One of the sure signs of Spring’s imminent arrival is the bright yellow narcissus. It’s a tenacious little thing, pushing its way through the neglected garden debris of the previous year to pop its vibrant, golden yellow self out into the sunlight.


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Reminds me of my daughter, L, when she was a baby and climbed the stairs all on her own for the first time. Proud of her accomplishment, she sat on the top stair and shouted, “See me! See me!” until attention was duly paid.


Hurry up, Spring! It’s been a long, cold winter.

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  1. We’ve had little glimpses of spring here and there, but then we are supposed to get a FOOT of snow on Thursday! Ugh.
    Your pictures give me hope though! It is around the corner!

    1. I’m always so happy to see those first little pops of yellow after winter, Kristen! I know then that Spring is nearly here. Here’s hoping your Spring won’t be far behind.

  2. Doing fine.

    What a difference a day makes, huh? Those photos were from yesterday afternoon and today it’s overcast, foggy and rainy!

  3. hey
    i was just thinking of you this morning
    how you doing

    i love the flowers
    we are getting snow right now
    flowers are a good thing