Lemon Lime Cake

by Lana Stuart on August 19, 2014 · 20 comments

Lemon Lime Cake

So, by now you must know how much I enjoy vintage recipes, right? Oh, I like learning about new ingredients, techniques, and cuisines, of course. Exploring new ideas in the kitchen is fun! But vintage recipes? Those just take me right back in time.

Some of my favorite old recipes come from the era when “convenience” foods were being introduced. Boxed and frozen ingredients were a huge boon to home cooks back in the day. When these products arrived in the grocery stores, suddenly busy cooks were able to get a meal on the table with record speed making a huge difference in people’s everyday lives.

One of the most beloved of the mid-century convenience products is probably the boxed cake mix. Available in every variety under the sun, these mixes were a huge value to those who weren’t particularly great bakers. Inventive cooks took those mixes and created all kinds of goodness with them. Like this Lemon Lime Cake. I know you’ve seen this one before. I’m guessing it originated in the 1970′s, maybe? Really easy. Really quick. Really delicious.

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