Creole Style Smothered Chicken

by Lana Stuart on July 29, 2014 · 39 comments

Creole Style Smothered Chicken

Today is the start of something new! Something that I hope you will find exciting and interesting. Twelve food bloggers have joined forces to bring you a virtual “progressive dinner.” The virtual progressive dinner was the brainchild of my blogging friend, Barb, from Creative Culinary, who has organized the effort and is keeping us all on track. Bless her. Our plan is to hold a progressive dinner once a month with a different theme and host for each. The host chooses the theme for the party and makes the main dish. The other participants create all the sides, beverages, and desserts.

Maybe you’re wondering “what the heck is a ‘progressive dinner?’” Well, progressive dinners have been around for quite some time. I remember my parents doing them back in the 60′s and 70′s and I did them myself later on. It’s a dinner party with each individual course prepared at a different participant’s home. You’d start with drinks at one home, then “progress” to the next home for appetizers, then on to the next for the main course, and so forth. The evening would end with dessert (and maybe more drinks) at the final person’s home. Sound like fun? We think so! So we’re bringing it to you virtually.

And it’s my privilege to be the host for the very first get together. For this month’s theme I chose “Summer in the South” – what else? And the entree I’ve chosen to cook for you is a southern classic - Creole Style Smothered Chicken. It’s a whole butterflied chicken cooked in a skillet under weights with a creole sauce.

I do hope you enjoy it. And please be sure to “progress” through to each of the other participating blogs to experience all the other courses.





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